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ATC works great until the time I have to ask clearance for take off. I sit and sit and ATC never gets to me for takeoff approval. I end up cancelling the flight plan and just taking off.  Am I doing something wrong?

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X-Plane ATC is not as smart or flexible as a real, human ATC controller is. In many cases, this means that it doesn't direct airport traffic in an efficient or quick manner. If you have any AI aircraft enabled, you may be encountering this--an AI aircraft may be blocking the runway, attempting a landing, etc. and ATC won't let you progress. Or weather changes affecting an airport flow could also be an issue if you don't use AI aircraft.
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Thank you much.  I did notice a 747 in front of me that wouldn't move. Do I have any control over that? Also, is there a way to recall ACT messages?
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Try shutting down your AI aircraft (aircraft-Aircraft and Situations-other Aircraft) or set the number to one or 2.  Also, set your weather to calm.  You can always change the settings back when you are airborne.
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I will try, thanks!1