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Hello, I just purchased a simulator on your site and the key did not come to the specified mail. I can even say my card number, well, at least the last 4 figures, my card, which I paid for - **** **** **** 7096. The address that I pointed out - although now the feeling that I was mistaken, I'm in a panic, money not small for me

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Hi Stepback,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

You need to contact Laminar Research direct at either or providing all the details stated above.

This forum is not the venue to solve your current problem.

Good luck


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How long did it take Laminar research to send you your key? I have been waiting for 4 days and still no contact or e-mail, or key for that matter...

Why is this not the place to address such an issue?
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Hi alehead,

I am not with Laminar Research.  

The advice I provided on how to get the necessary password was the same advice provided by Laminar Research some time back to another purchaser.  It is a business transaction that has not been completed.

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This is ages that you responded, I didn't see your reply until now, thanks for that information by the way... It all got sorted out, I cannto remember any more how, mind... :)

I wrote to the info@ address and got a useful and freindly response within 24 hours...