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I posted a question about the use of my 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Enterprise as a Joy stick and today cannot find it. Is there not a way list your own questions? I do recall there being something to the effect my message would be reviewed for posting or something to that affect. It was a comprehensive message on trouble shooting I should have copied and saved in word because it has not disappeared from this forum. Not off to a great start.
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I share your frustration. I tried to post a question about a problem with X-Plane's bug reporter a few weeks ago. I also got a message that it needed validation (which means it was actually recorded in the database), but then it never appeared on this website. No way to know what happened and why it was rejected.
This is frustrating. Maybe someone from Laminar can shed some light on the validation process.

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Hi N851TB,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Firstly I am an avid reader of all postings in this forum.  Have been since 8 March 2016, about page 8 of this forum  Currently there are 317 pages of questions and I have not sighted a question seeking information on your subject matter.

secondly questions asked are listed with a red marker in time order when lodged within the forum and that order will then change to a blue marker in time order when an answer is provided.   Some questions can remain unanswered for some considerable time.  I cannot find a question asked by you some 14 hours ago.

Thirdly when somebody asks or answers a question they are allocated a number of points.  The point allocation represents their participation in this forum  First time participants are given an initial allocation of 12 points.  You only have an allocation of 12 points (refer to the subject bar at the top of your question).  If you had made an earlier entry you would have a greater allocation.

Fourthly if you click on your login name you will see the forum has you registered as only asking one question which is the one you have currently asked.

Fifthly your forum details show at the time I am answering your question you have only been registered in this forum for a total time period of 14 hours since 26 September. 

Sixthly there are moderators who can delete questions from this forum when the 'language" used by the person raising the question is inappropriate or the subject matter is totally off subject ie not related to X-Plane.  The latter regularly happens by individuals offering writing skills courses or providing information on industrial issues of manufacture from China.

I respectfully suggest several items you need to consider.

Firstly you may have posted your problem in another forum or secondly as you have registered as a member you may have failed to hit the green "Ask the question" button at the bottom of the question page to actually have your question recognised or listed.

Lets move on with you lodging your original problem again so others can try and provide a solution to your problem.  When you lodge the question attach your log.txt file as well.  This file is created immediately after you shut down X-Plane or when your system crashes.  

Although I may not be able to provide a solution to your problem I look forward to seeing more detail on what your original question is about.


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Thanks for the comprehensive reply. I can only assume I posted the question correctly but it is possible I did fail on my first attempt. Secondly, I can assure you there was no inappropriate language used in my post. I am an avid member of other forums and know the protocol. Since it is apparent my post was not submitted correctly I will try again.

Thanks and kind regards,