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Hi,  I have Xplane 11 set up in a Sim Cockpit with an Instructor station.  I am trying to get the program to load and automatically start on the runway like Xplane10 did.   Is there a way to accomplish this?

Is there some type of Bat file, or Cmd Prompt function that I can run in order to get it to load up in the actual flight?


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Hi MJH050687,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I am not at my flight sim computer at present so I cannot give you an exact detailed answer.  However what I can remember is that in the menu bar found at the top of the screen when you open up one of the listed pages there is an option of clicking one of the boxes in that page for either "cold and dark" which relates to the parking area off runway or as you seek at the end of the runway with the engines running ready to take off on the end of the runway.  unfortunately you will need to trawl though the various pages.

Alternative have a look at the manual which can be found at  When you open the manual click the CTRL plus the "f" button on your keyboard   It will provide a drop down menu at the top of the page.  type in "cold and dark" and it will take you to the area you need (should be in Section 5.1.A) in the manual.

Hope this helps.


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Hi! Great question. One option is to save a situation that you can load later. When you save a situation, all factors like aircraft, cockpit configuration, weather, etc. are saved in a way that you can load them later. To save a situation, position the aircraft where you would like it to be and then go to File->Save Flight. Later you can load this situation via the main menu upon start up or with File->Load Flight. Have fun!