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It was OK until I launched the mission "air drop from boeing 52". The system had an error init rand range negatve and crashed during the flight. I have the X-plane on Steam. I also checked the integrity of the cache and every time the system found 2 or 3 missing files. I have Windows 8 machine. What should I do? Sould I reinstall my X-plane? Give me an advice, please.

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Hi Tim,

Without seeing your log.txt, I don't really have enough information to look into this more, but here are some general tips:

First I would check to make sure you have planes selected in the Aircraft & Situations screen for the air drop (it's the third line & last line under "other aircraft profiles.")

If that isn't the issue, try moving the preferences folder to the desktop. Next time you start it will restore the defaults and you can check if that fixes it.