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I was able to send an automated crash report the first crash after the 11.32 update.  Each crash since then crashes and kills the entire computer until I start it with the power button.  I have seen an error flash on the screen referencing the GPU. Log file was empty, now has data.

Saitek yoke, throttle and rudder pedals.

Lenovo P50, xeon processor, 64  GB ram, 2 gb nvidia gpu, 2 1 tb drives with plenty of space on them.

HELP!  I need to shoot practice approaches for a job interview.  Can install 11.30 again? Crash log

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Hi pookie,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The short answer to your question is NO.  Unless you purposely saved the earlier version, as a total package, to a specific area before you updated then Xp11 cannot go backwards.  

I am of the opinion your system is at the low end of system specifications for it to run satisfactorily.  Have a look at the following link found at to compare your system.

How have you configured your saitek harware controls?  Just because they may work in other "shoot-em-up" games or flight sim packages does not mean they will work in X-Plane.

You have to set them up in X-plane. No other way, Not even through your operating system. Follow the advice I have previously provided at the following link found at The answer deals with two parts, firstly with Saitek instruments and then Saitek hardware.

Follow the instructions in total regarding all saitek software.

Good luck


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Did you happen to read my post or just reply because...

I have a xeon processor, 64 gb of ram, an Nvidia Quatro M2000M GPU, 2 1tb drives, and yes, the saitek yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals were working on 11.30.  they worked really well.  wtf?
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I read your post.  I answered in response to your question about going backwards in the X-Plane versions.

I also added the additional information for your information/benefit not knowing how you have configured the saitek hardware.  In the three years I have followed this forum there have been others having problems with the units and were not aware of the need to set them up in X-Plane. The manual also says to to set them up in X-Plane.  If they work other than X-Plane then you are lucky.  How you treat the advice is up to you.

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Everything was working fine in 11.30, this is the only app i use the yoke, throttle and rudder pedals for.  How many other current apps are there that use a yoke, throttle and rudder pedals?
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If you are still having problems. post the Log.txt file (Copy and Paste here) so that your problems can be determined. Its in the X-plane11 root directory.
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gkkes, problem is better after finding out from tech support how to rollback my install to 11.26.  It still crashes but less frequently. My log files are at the top and bottom of the original post.

gleen, here is the command to roll your install back.

Warning, this will make changes to your computer.  Beware.

Here is the command to roll back to v11.26. You can enter this in the command line/terminal.

Windows: "X-Plane 11 Installer.exe" --install_name="X-Plane 11.26r2"

Mac: "X-Plane 11 11 Installer" --install_name="X-Plane 11.26r2"

When the install window appears select “upgrade X-plane”.  This will actually be a downgrade to 11.26

When it starts it will ask you if you want to overwrite or keep the old files.

I chose overwrite.  There is a box you can check to apply this to all files.  It did not work for me, so I had to click overwrite a couple hundred times.  It was worth it.

My system runs 11.26 pretty well.  It still crashes though randomly now.  I sent my log file to support so they can try to track down the problem.

See you at the hold short line.
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Heyyy. I am with a big problem with my sim. Here is:

I was with X-PLane 11.26r2 and was with 22-40 fps, and now with x plane 11.36 with 10-25 fps. I am not enjoying at all the sim, so i really wanting how to get the best option to get backwards to x-plane11.26r2. I talked with X-Plane support and they gave me the same comand as you give it. But me i am not to genous, and would not be understanding how to do all in the correct way. So, if you can tell me better will be great bro. Thanks a lot.
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Hi facupelado,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

The later versions of x-plane are very resource hungry and impacts on the frame rate of your system..

Although I have been told how to "back version" by my personal contact within Laminar Research I cannot remember how to do it.  So, I cannot help you in that situation.

However have you tried upgrading your GPU drivers.  Despite what your operating system is telling you that the driver is up to date disregard that advice and perform your own physical driver update.  It has been known to work.

Also have a look at the following YouTube videos regarding settings.  This may help as well.  The first link can be found at  and also have a look at under the heading of 

That’s all you need to know to use X‑Plane!

and in particular read the link that is provided (coloured blue).

Also look at 

When you view these videos pay attention to the sections dealing with graphics settings.

Also what may help attach your log.txt file so that others with a greater knowledge base than me may be able to assist in solving your frame rate drop.

To attach the file follow the guidelines as described here at


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Hi glenn,

Your help is being a very good one for me when you posted the command to proceed x-plane 11.26r2. But well, if you doesn’t know how to do that, not worry. I was talking through e-mail with X-Plane 11 support, and they told me the same. So i asked them how to do it perfectly. Thanks a lot,