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I did much research on this, but I'm not able to resolve, please advise.

First, I want to tell that I am fully aware of the limitation of drawing distant textures, 100.000 being the upper limit. So I am _not_ asking about why I don't see the textures.

All I am asking about is why the orange/brown color over it, and how I could possibly kill that color overlay. If it uses textures from Earth Orbit in the distance, that is fine, whatever those images show in their unaltered format.

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Hey! Would you please send in a screenshot of this? Thanks!
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Hi again. Please see the attached screenshot. I intentionally went up higher in the air to make it very very well visible. The same coloration is visible at lower altitude in the distance. Again, please, all I ask is about this ugly color overlay, I wonder if this is a shader issue.

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Thanks for sending that in! What version of OpenGL are you running here?
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I have the same issue and used 'Data Ref Editor' and can't get rid of it. I have seen videos/screenshots of other users of X-Plane 11 and this isn't present. I wish i could get rid of it as it ruin immersion.

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