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Last day,  I got the support to make X-Plane 11 three screen edge blending. Now I request to

get your help:

How to implement X-Plane 11 three projectors edge blending?


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Yes, I would also be very interested to get a bit more information, especially if:

- x-plane's warping to cylindrical projection includes any geometric fine adjustments with target points

- the warping works with multiple views on a single x-plane computer (similar to having multiple external view's on flat screens)

- if performance is lower with cylindrical projection and edge blending available

A simple user manual with examples or a user report of someone using these features would be helpful before I buy the feature.


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Hi Dengxie,

In your previous question and in this question you have not indicated the operating system of your computer and what type of graphics card you have ie Windows or Mac with a AMD or NVidia graphics card.

On the basis that you are running windows and using a single NVidia card have another look at the following link at

I would also suggest you have a look at the user manual which can be found at the following link at and in particular have a look at  and also have a look at

Hope this all helps  Good luck.


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Hello Glenn,

Good Morning!

THANKS for your patient help!

At present, I am using X-Plane 11,  Windows 10 and NVIDIA  GTX 1060 3G graphics card. The three projectors display has implemented. I want to get your help about

three projectors display edge blending. Is it not necessary to get an edge blending

software from the third party for our X-Plane 11 three projectors display? In other words, we can only use X-Plane inside functions (settings) to implement our three projectors

display edge blending. Is it correct?

   Thanks and Best Regards!