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I am just a few days user of X-plane coming from FSX PMDG. I found free ZIBO mod here on forum, downloaded and installed. When I launch X-plane the B737-800X appears in main menu. I chose it , configure the location, date/time , weather  and click to  Flight start. It lasts a bit, while proceeding but then the following  error message pop up:



Be advised

Couldnt load the sound bank


(button) Understand




When I push button Understand the X-plane crashs.

Any advice what to do?

Thx for any help

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This is a known conflict with the Zibo mod and the sounds for the AI. On the Flight Configuration screen click on the AI Aircraft button (top right) and remove any Boeing 737-800 that you have from the AI Aircaft selction screen.

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I did so and cancelled all AI aircrafts but unfortunetally the same error message and crash follows.

Any idea why?

I am just  installed X-plane a few days ago but as I remember  a file during isntallation  has failed to load. . I dont remember the name of file. I went on with installation. Should I reinstall X-plane ?


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Just run the installer again and it will replace or repair any files that are missing or corrupted. It WON'T install everything again so no need to worry about large download sizes.
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I let run installer again as update. No change, still crash :-(
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I want to mention, that it is happening when launching B738 ZIBO mod only. When starting default B738, it is going well
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I have the same issue.  I have run the x-plane installer to update.  No change.  Any solutions?