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I am wondering if the X-Plane developers are working on improving the VR experience with the Samsung Odyssey headset. I am running a computer with an i7-8086K @ 5.00GHz and a gpu Gtx 1080ti, and, although I can easily reach 90fps in 2D mode, I can barely hit 30FPS in VR with a fair bit of image stuttering. I love flying in VR, but the lack of fps is disappointing and off-putting.

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Hi, VR definitely effects framerate significantly but we have had good success with the Samsung Odyssey in our booth at trade shows. I would recommend that you double check that your WMR software is up to date. Sorry for the inconvenience here! Thanks, Thomson
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Hi Thomson, thank you for the reply, although I never knew that I had one. Right now, in certain areas I am running at 140 fps in 2D which translates into 45fps in VR. My Samsung Odyssey firmware is fully up to date, so I don`t understand why the rate is so low (about 1/3) in VR.