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Are there any plans to add support for HTC Vive to X-Plane?... if not, may I humbly suggest that you REALLY should be thinking about it!
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Yes please. I don't own the HTC Vive, but I would buy one if there was support. Would it be possible to contribute money to the development of Vive support?
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I have reached out to X-plane by e-mail and I received a response with regards to Vive support.

In the response he said that HTC Vive support is definitely coming to X-Plane 11 sometine 2017. No specific date given as of yet but rest assured when that happens, there will be no need to get a 3rd Party addon that does that for you.

Many thanks.

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It would be great to be able to use the HTC Vive with X-Plane.
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I strongly agree. I would love to see Vive support given that I own one and now that X-Plane 11 available in Beta. it would be a shame that it does not run Vive... Yet.

Please, Dev, Make it happen!!