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I just released LTFM-Istanbul New Airport scenery but I added some entry in default apt.dat file for work ILS and GS.Otherwise they're not working until 11.30 patch released.So canI share temporarily the default apt.dat file until patch coming out?

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Hi kuzan522,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Unless it has happened in the last 12 hours x-plane 11.30 has not been released for general public use.  The current version release is a beta version for those "knowledgeable" x-plane users to test and find faults in the software before the "general" public release.

If you consider yourself as one of these testers then file a bug report so that a possible problem can be fixed before I uptake my public 11.30 version when released.

Thanking you for finding a possible bug