Regarding WED apt.dat How do i get my new runway flat?

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asked Mar 6, 2017 by Peter1504 (16 points)
I have modified my home airport to match recent real world upgrades made, (YBUD regional Australia, no one else will use it, update it or look at it ever probably). The new runway length is 2000m and now after extending it in WED, successfully exporting it to X-plane 11 means the runway dips following the contour of the "land" making it weird to land/take off, where as in the real world its flat. Can this be fixed? and how please?

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answered Mar 6, 2017 by mattrauch (1,033 points)
selected Mar 7, 2017 by Peter1504
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It sounds like you are already familiar with using WED,  so to flatten an individual airport you open it in WED ( I use V1.51) click on the name of the airport in the right hand "pane", and check the box that says "always flatten".  This will flatten ONLY this airport (assuming you have created the airport boundary) and the other global airports will remain unchanged.  

Reply in comments if this helps. and see the screenshot to make it easier to understand.   Matt


commented Mar 7, 2017 by Peter1504 (16 points)
Hi Matt,

Awesomely simple, and a total newbie fail on my part to not spot it.

Thanks very much for the advice and also for the screenshot to ensure I got it right, I appreciate your help.

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answered Mar 6, 2017 by glenfer (1,595 points)

Hi Peter,

Officially I am not able to provide an answer to your problem.

However the following link may be of some assistance.

Hope this helps


commented Mar 7, 2017 by Peter1504 (16 points)
Thanks Glenn,

Great video resource I haven't seen yet. I have a solution now that lets me do it in WED.

Thanks again.

commented Mar 8, 2017 by glenfer (1,595 points)
Hi Pete,

Glad to see something has worked for you.

One day you may wish to try a flight in a light aircraft from YBUD to YLEE, a grass strip just north of me.


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