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The documentation indicates that there is a "Flight-Dir" switch on right side of the dashboard, but I can find no such switch. There used to be an "AP" button on the far left of the autopilot bank that would turn it on and off, but that is no longer there. Is there a switch somewhere on the dash with Off/On/Auto as the documentation says?

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I think the switch is on the yoke now....I tried 11.30...I dumped it...I hated that new autopilot....Very confusing to operate and scarce literature on it....There is one video on you tube video  but the vid has the autopilot with the "AP" switch still there...My version didnt have the ap button....
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File a bug report ASAP before the official public release of 11.30

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In general I use Cesnna G1000 but I've tested the new autopilot in the regular version, 172 xp. It works as follows:

To turn it on, you must push "hdg" or "nav" button on the console. The autopilot starts working immediately.

To turn it off you must push the red button on the yoke, to the left.

If I remember correctly, on some forum it was said that the autopilot works in that way on the real plane.

I hope to be clear enough in my answer. English is my second language.

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How to assign this "red button" to joystick? There is no "AP disconnect" option in settings => joystick => buttons

thanks in adv. :)
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Check page 5 on the autopilot document, inside c-172sp folder, S-TEC Autopilot Manual.pdf. There's a picture of what options to choose to assign a button or a key. I can't paste the image here but is something related to servos.

The text is as follows:

Autopilot Disconnect
This button provides the pilot with a rapid-disconnect capability, used in situations where full control is being returned to the pilot permanently.
Map your chosen button to the ‘Disco servos, whichever side is active’ function.
Control Wheel Steering
This button enables the pilot to temporarily override the autopilot servos and take control of pitch and roll (via the yoke or control stick). Releasing the button will return control authority to the autopilot.
Map your chosen button to the ‘Control wheel steering mode’ function.



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