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what the heck?     I am just learning, but I swear the buttons on the Garmin bottom have changes, CDI, APR, etc

can someone explain?

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Hi mh2bttb

Not sure which panel you are referring to, CDI suggests the G430/G530, whereas APR suggests the autopilot?

Anyway, if its the autopilot, yes in the new version 11.30 (again if this is what you are referring to?) they have now installed a new autopilot called S-Tec 55 into the Cessna 172 (and possibly other aircraft), which is somewhat different from the original version.

I tried out the new autopilot version yesterday for the first time, but it was acting in a completely alien way to what I was used to and frankly I couldn't get me head around it. A new manual for this would therefore come in handy!!

Because of this however, and because of numerous other issues I have been experiencing relating to the navigation systems G530 & G1000 in the Cessna 172 and Beechcraft Baron 58, I've decide to go back to X Plane 11.25 for now until these things can get sorted out :-(

For example, I tried to land at Luton EGGW on RWY08 on the ILS twice (with everything set up as required) and the system crashed me into the ground twice well short of the runway. This never happened before, never had any issues like this??