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Hello, i was trying to fly to monument Valley airport UT25 and My issue is with the default G1000, I cannot find it to get my flight plan done.

Doing more research I found that the airport exists in xplane, it's even in 3D and i can find it while setting up the flight, i can even spawn to it.

While spawn to UT25 i saw that the G1000 refers to it as XKUT25, how in the hell am I supposed to know that UT25 is named XKUT25 in the G1000 ?

I believe this is a bug somehow and the search in the G1000 is broken because x-plane has no issue whatsoever.

I've not tried with the default gns 530 so i can't say if there's an issue with this one as well.

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that's really weird what happens if you put kt25 in the Garmin?

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