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So, in theory if I load a procedure that has VNAV information, (shown by the white font in the ALT column) I need to change the text from white to blue by using the large FMS ring to move the cursor to highlight the text in the ALT column and pressing enter.

The problem is that when I click on the large ring, the highlight simply moves down the list of waypoints, without stepping through the other columns of the flight plan.

I'm assuming that G1000 functionality is built into the ACF file, but is there some preference file that may need to be deleted and recreated.

Any thoughts?
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Never mind. Just a reply to this on another forum from Phillip. His code has not been released yet. Hopefully this will work in the next update (or so).
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I have the same problem on the new G1000, can't get the cursor over to altitude profiles in VNAV. Is there a new update I need to download? Am I missing something in the FPL setup?

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Hi folks,

besides other issues I have the same problem. CANNOT designate altitude i.e. CANNOT bring cursor to altitude column.

Thanks for advise!
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This is a bug. I'm sending everything I have to Support. The cursor will move to the altitudes. BUT it will not select the altitudes that are listed under the "Approach" section of the FMC. Even if the altitudes are white, the cursor will select them...but not in the approach section. 

This is stupid because the altitudes I can designate are not useful when using the ILS. All of those altitudes that I need to designate, I cannot.