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I purchased the VKBsim Gladiator Joystick a number of months ago - based on the (many) email advertisements I got from X-Plane saying this was the "best" joystick available.  However, if you go to Settings, there is no image of the Joystick and no settings options (V11.30 beta was supposed to support user submitted configurations).  Given how heavily this joystick has been advertised, I don't understand why there is still, after many months, no image available and no support for customized configuration.  I just had to work through the options and selected and made my choices with no way to know if I was making the best choices.  Images for other joysticks are available - why is it still missing for this device?

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Hi HamsterDR,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

I also get the same emails from the same organisation.  However the emails originate from a 3rd party seller of products suitable for use with X-plane software which is developed by Laminar Research (LR) with a website at  There is no link physically or commercially between either company.  LR does not sell or promote 3rd party products suitable for X-Plane.  The latest version of X-Plane (11.30) is currently in a public beta testing release before the official release. 

The new version may contain  the information you would like to see.  Personally, if not, I would be disappointed as well as I am of the opinion that it has some great benefits.  I would suggest you raise your concerns directly with Laminar Research at [email protected] as soon as possible on the expectation it is included in the planned latest release.  

Good luck


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Thanks for the kind explanation.  It's hard to figure out who is behind these emails - but now I understand.

I have raised this issue with Laminar on their support site.  I'll see what they say.  This is a very good joystick and I would think they would want to support it fully.  I have the 11.30 beta and I understand that supports user submitted configurations, but don't see where to find that.