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I have Xplane 11 DVD version on Windows 7 pro with the joystick Heli-kit.

Although I could configure and use them after I calibrate them,

it always seem to forget about it after I shut the computer down and start up again.

I have tried to save the joystick file ".joy", but it seems to do nothing.

I have it connected directly to a USB port without hubs, and the program is installed to the desktop.

Thank in advance for any help.
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I continue having the same problem using my Saitek X 52 Flight Control System.  I have the X Plane version on Windows 10.

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Changes made to the joystick settings screen should save automatically to preferences and reload the next time. If this is not happening for you, check the joystick profiles to make sure you are using the one you expect. Also check if an add on or something is preventing the preferences from saving or loading.
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Thank you so much for your reply.

I will check it.