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I consider buying a new PC. I would like to buy PC that will hold xplane 11 very well. My main question is: Does X - Plane 11 support Amd ryzen processors (ryzen 5 1600x) as good as Intel processors? I've read somewhere that X-plane does not work on all cores  on amd processors. This is why I'm not sure if Ryzen 5 1600x will be comparatively good as Intel processors. Will it run xplane on all cores and use processors as much as it can? Is i5-8600k much more worth buying than ryzen 5 1600x? Graphic card will be gtx 1060.

Thanks for all help.

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Hi Examos,

I am to looking for the perfect pc to run x plane on. I have done some "research" into what pc to buy and I would think that chillblast flight sim pcs are the most suitable because they have been obviously been designed for flight sims like x plane and p3d. The Twitch streamer and youtube Matt Davies uses these pcs and he has designed one perfect for flight simming.

Regards, Paul
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Hi Examos,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have a look at the reply I have just made to Paul at the following link at https://questions.x-plane.com/21170/will-this-run-x-plane  In particular have a look at some of the YouTube videos created my Michael that will answer your problems/concerns particularly recent videos regarding the number of cores being used and new graphic cards..

The double bottom line is that X-Plane will work with AMD products and it has always been known that you will get a better performance from Intel CPUs and NVidia GPUs  Unless there has been some significant changes in the planned release of version 11.30, X-Plane has generally only used in the order of 4 cores

Good luck


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Thanks Glen only saw the comment u commented on my Q. Thanks!

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