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I'm having some issues regarding the real life weather function in x-plane 11. If I select real life weather in the options menu it downloads and loads in correctly, but as soon as I click "Done" in the bottom right to apply the settings and go back into the sim nothing has changed. And if I then go back to the weather options it has reset back to "standard weather", aka clear skies, 1013 pressure, 14 degrees and 6 knot winds even at cruising altitude. I can work around this by loading in the real life weather, and before I hit "Done" I change the dropdown menu back to "Manually configured". If I then hit "Done" the weather loads in correctly into the sim, but the problem with this method is that the weather doesn't update, which means that the weather will be exactly the same no matter where I fly. 

This is actually pretty important to me as I think that the weather is a big part of the realism, and to me this seems like a pretty small bug which should be fixed rather easily. 



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You might be interested in flying with IVAO weather.  The IVAO plugin checks the METAR at your departure airport, along your route periodically, and at your destination, to set the weather (cloud layers, haze, fog, visibility, wind dir, velocity, gusts, pressure, and temperature) where you are flying.
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I have the same problem here. I use FSGRW, but the behavior is the same.

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So you bought a programme and it still doesn’t work? That sucks man :/

Currently flying on vatsim for the first time and I’m having a blast on the network, so for the time being I’m working around the issue by flying on vatsim and using xSquawkbox’s weather (it works correctly).

But laminar should still fix the issue for sure. Doesn’t seem like a hard fix, and if I had any knowledge whatsoever within programming perhaps I could do it myself :p
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I have the same issue. If I load the weather from FS Global into the sim, it shows the correct wind for a brief moment, before it abruptly changes back to wind calm, no matter where I fly. Same goes with the real world weather in X Plane 11.


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I use this function and it really for the most part does nothing but create clouds of active weather for the area.

It does not give you current pressure altitude or anything else that I can see at any given airport other than the defaults. Since I actually fly at a few of the airports I use my Ipad and Foreflight to give me accurate readings.

It still isn't anything near what real flight is like though. Too bad really.