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Both the P-51 Mustang and the Phenom EMB 500 keep asking me for the Activation Code when I load the aircraft. Is this something related to Microsoft OneDrive? I seem to have a copy of X-Plane 11.26 there as well as on my desktop. If I delete the version in OneDrive, it gets deleted on my desktop as well.

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Hi - I'm not sure on that one. The developers of these aircraft would most likely be the best people to consult here!
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Hi Safeaviator,

Unlike Thomson I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Thomson is correct in advising you to contact the developers of these 3rd party products.

But, I would also suggest in the meantime you do a complete, I mean complete or full uninstall of your current installation  of x-plane and reinstall either on the desktop or on a dedicated drive or into a dedicated X-Plane file directory.  You need to ensure there are no remnant x-plane files remaining on system.

Other flight sim packages during the installation process place various files throughout other file structures.  X-Plane has to be a "clean" standalone file directory and can behave erratically if components are installed (contaminated) elsewhere.

I am of the opinion that you have contaminated your installation with X-Plane showing on your desktop and in One drive.  This may also be the reason for your problems with your 3rd party products.