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how do I get the ZIBO version of the boeing 737-800 since I can only find tutorials on that plane instead of the normal plane in x plane 11? I tried to find in xplane store and org but theres so many types of that plane I got confused...someone please help (american airlines is the one I want btw)
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Hi there,

This is the Google docs drive to download the Zibo Mod. All files are Zip files and therefore i would recommend having a specific folder for your Zibo downloads in "Downloads" folder of your PC. First download the folder in google docs that says "B737-800X_3_31_full" or along those lines.

Make a folder in your XP11/Aircraft folder that says "B737-800X" or however you like to name it (make sure to not copy the same name as the default 737) and then open the B737-800X_3_31_full zip file and batch transfer into the custom named folder in your aircraft folder.

Do the same process with the "3_31b, 3_31c, 3_31d" etc. for the newer revisions of the Zibo Mod. Make sure to back up your previous Zibo contents when transferring the new data across.

At current (27/11/2018), the Zibo's latest release is "3_31p." Be sure to follow the alphabetical process of installing new files into your aircraft folder.

N.B. Do not use "extract here" but rather select all the files in the zip to copy across to your aircraft folder. I use WinRAR as it is my preference to see each item in the zip folder.

Liveries can be found in google if you search for "Zibo Liveries"

Hope this helps your process :)
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ok I just installed it and thank you!

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Do not empty the zibo folder. 3.31 full contains the basic structure for the zibo and the sub versions are either hotfixes or small updates.

You just drag and drop the “p” files in the zibo folder and click to “replace” the old files. Basically you just want to overwrite the already existing files in the folder already. When it wants to transfer the data after the drop, you click on “replace existing files” or something to that extent.

This will then copy all the “p” files across and there is your updated zibo.
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ok got it, thank you