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Hi everyone !

I just bought X-Plane 11 to be used on my MacBook Pro 13" from 2017.
I am aware that it's normal to make the MBP burn like hell when using X-Plane... but I am not quite confident with that. frown Also, the sound of the usually very quiet fan is not very comforting.

I am just interested in X-Plane as a "procedure trainer" (for training). I only have one add-on, the Embraer 170 from SSG. I would like to use it with every graphics at the minimum, even a very foggy weather is fine for me.

Is there any way to lower the energy consumption from X-Plane 11 on a MBP? I am already aware of all the hints like cleaning the dust, using it on a table with maximum ventilation around the MBP... but I was hoping there is a solution to internally reduce the X-Plane demand on the computer, even if it means lowering the performance and FPS.

Thanks to every member who will help wink.

Safe flights!

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