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I previously owned a 13 inch MacBook Pro, but I found it would overheat when testing the X-Plane 10 demo.

Apple just announced their new mac lineup, and I am looking to purchase their mid spec 13-inch.

It meets the minimum requirements but would it run it fairly smoothly with decent rendering? I have not used X-Plane on a laptop before. I am worried about cooling issues, although Apple claim they have implemented a whole new heatsink system.

Any advice would be great!

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Bottom line: Don't purchase a Mac for XP. Mac's don't run well with XP due to poor specs and graphic cards (Intel HD). Look at others brands such as Alienware, ASUS, MSI, and Origin. I doubt the new cooling will do anything. Don't buy a Mac for sims. I plan on getting an MSI laptop with a GTX 960 or better, a 6th gen I7 that I can turbo boost to over 3 ghz, a 256 gb SSD, and 16 gb RAM.

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^^^ I agree; MacBooks, fair and simple, are not suited to be gaming laptops. You can spend much less money and achieve much greater performance on a PC or Laptop from almost any other brand. MSI, ASUS, DELL, or perhaps even Lenovo. I personally do not recommend Alienware, as there is a large chunk of "merchandising" price that goes into the total price of the product.


My main point? Purchasing (or looking into) some of the brands listed can get you great performance for the same-isa price, if not lower, than a MacBook. I am trying not to sound too brutal here, but you will find that the vast majority of support is also aimed towards Microsoft Windows in the general flight simulation community, though X-Plane supports iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Adjusting to Windows can take a little time, but it is well worth it. :) I use both iOS and Windows on nearly a day-to-day basis and I personally prefer Windows and I think you will also like it.