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Windows home 10 1809.  No plugins.  Brand new X-Force PC.  Problem occurs with latest version of X-Plane, and latest beta. Any aircraft.  No plugins.  Very repeatable.   World Objects > 0.

I can start a new flight with world objects = 0.  But if world objects are > 0 then when I start a new flight with the aircraft near a populated area, it crashes hard after "asynchronous loading".  If I start a new flight in an unpopulated area, it starts fine and I can fly into populated areas without issue.  

I have never been able to start a new flight at any airport with world objects > 0.  However, I can start a new flight in the air if I am far from an airport, and far from any population center (which may be the same thing).  The unpopulated areas that I can start a new flight in include: Over water.  Over the mountains.  Over rural areas far from cities.

I have tried many different populated areas in the midwest and southern California.  The symptom is always the same.  I have tried many unpopulated areas, and if I am far enough away from a populated area everything always works.  

If I start up with world objects = 0 in a populated area, and then change the settings to increase the word objects, I get the same crash.  World objects appears to be the only setting that matters; and any setting other than zero causes the crash.

The crash usually manifests as a simple exit back to the desktop; but roughly one in three times the whole operating system crashes and I must reboot.

I have tried this on the latest stable release of X-Plane, and on the betas (latest  The symptomology remains the same.

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Hi! Would you please report this here? http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html Thanks!

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