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Somethings it's not clear for me

I want to update my version to 11.30 so I execute the inataller with beta check

I can update to 11.30r1 but i don`t know if this version is beta or not

Thank you for your help

Jean Marc

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Hi Jean,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Although I haven't done it for a while, when you start X-Plane you are asked if you want to check for updates  and if you say yes you are also asked if you want to check for Beta versions.  You are given the option to download.

 If you say yes then you will download whatever version is applicable at that time ie either beta or post Beta.  It will also be the latest version available.  The post beta version will be the official version release for general use whereas the beta version is only meant for experienced X-Plane users to test/find for bugs before officially released.

If the release shows as 11.30b1-? etc then it is a beta version.  If on the other hand it shows as 11.30r1 - ? as you have indicated then it is an official release after all "Beta testing" releases.

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Hi Glenn

I think that the version beta is something like 11.30b?

11.30r1 is at this moment the post beta version

thank`s you your answer