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I have been told that when you set the auto brakes that the CH Pro Pedals should disengage them when you manually brake after landing. Mine do not. Actually mine only release the parking brake when I’m parked. I’m also told that applying thrust after landing should also disengage (turn off) the auto brakes but this also does not happen. I am flying the Zibo mod 737-800x. Zibo did tell me that yes in fact this is how they should operate but they don’t. Anyone have any ideas on how to get these CH Pro Pedals to function correctly?

Any help would be appreciated.......thanks

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I suffered this until I discovered the brakes were working backwards - Reverse Axis selected and all works as expected... Worth a try?
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I tried reversing the Axis and then the pedals did in fact release the parking brake. But the parking brake was not the issue. The pedals need to release or “turn off” the AUTOBRAKES that are on the MCP. This is how it works in the real world.



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Hey John - Do you experience this with other aircraft or just the Zibo? Thanks!
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Thanks for the question. It also happens with all default aircraft. The CH Pro Pedals will only release the parking brake. And when you apply thrust after landing ALL default aircraft’s auto brakes remain on. Obviously the pedals are set to release only the parking brake. How can I set them to just release the auto brakes? There has to be a way somehow


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