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Good Day Aviators,

My X-Plane 11.26 (64-bit) won't detect & update to latest release version 11.30. I'm still having version 11.26r2 (built 112601 64-bit). I'm using Digital Download copy (non Steam) on Windows 10 Pro 64bit system.

The X-Plane runs nice with no issues.
Internet is good.
Firewall is disabled.
As an extra measure allowed X-Plane.exe as well as X-Plane Installer.exe for exception/allowed list in Firewall.
No third party Anti Virus/Firewall is installed. I had one months ago.
Tried with latest (version 4.11r1) and previous Three other versions of X-Plane 11 installer.exe I had.
Every time I launch the installer (Run as administrator) to update X-Plane 11, it runs and completes the whole process of scanning some 86K files, just to says This copy of X-Plane is already up to date.
I also tried checking for updates within X-Plane Menu (About X-Plane). It does not recognises any new version (11.30) is yet available for download. Your copy of X-Plane is up to date; you have the latest version.

If in case I might have missed something to notice, attached is the LOG file. Kindly have a glance & let me know. I've been through several previous post here, but couldn't find any similar macthing case as of mine.


Thank you for your time & support.

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I have  the same problem, only I'm running Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit.... Help?
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When you run the x-plane installer to update, make sure you check the box "check for beta"...then run it again....
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Many thanks Mike for your prompt reply... will have a go!

Merry Christmas.. ;-)
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Mike, thanks for the suggestion, will give that a try. So the 11.30 is still Beta to this date? I’ve believed it was the final release or so.
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Its still in beta ....its now called 11.30 RC 1.....RC stands for release candidate.....This means it is getting close to the final version....Once it goes final, you will not be able to go back to 11.26 unless you save a copy somewhere....
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Didn't know that. I feel silly for myself. I'll await for the final release version. Anyways, Thank You again for the input. Appreciate your time & support. Happy Holidays.

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If the Beta Check did not work, It is rec You wait for the Full release of 11.30

and i feel stupid now because you literally just said you would wait for it and i didnt even see the comment lol.

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