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After updating to XP11.30, the Slider function, M1 and M3 knobs do not work or isn't detected in Xplane settings on the Saitek X-55 HOTAS throttle unit. It was working perfectly fine in XP11.26  

I wonder if the devs are aware of this bug or issue and if any fix is upcoming for future 11.30 updates?

(i have tried asking in the forums to no avail)

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Hi Rowdy,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Saitek units have to be set up with X-Plane.  they will not work any other way.

Provided you follow the information and concept provided in the following link found at  https://questions.x-plane.com/22473/can-you-assign-737-800-engine-start-levers-saitek-quadrants  everything should work.

Good luck.


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I have had it set up with XPlane on the last ver 11.26 and previous ones as well and it worked perfectly fine, it detected all the inputs of the throttle unit. but for some reason in 11.30 SLD and M1/M3 buttons decided NOT to be detected while only the M2 unit is detected. Weird, also i've tried doing what you have suggested via the youtube link provided in your link and still no change...
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Hi Rowdy,

There appears to be a few issues with the official release of XP11.30

File a bug report.  Details can be found here at http://dev.x-plane.com/support/bugreport.html

Good luck.


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