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Was flying the default B58 and the Carenado XP11 Cessna 208 the other day and just ended up feeling fatigued from the sound on some long flights.

Got me thinking it would be great to have a keybind to enable a virtual headset, or a virtual noise cancelling headset.

Just about every aircraft could benefit from this.

Was reminded of it today when watching a stream of the HotStart TBM900 which has this feature.

This would be a HUGE quality of life feature for X-Plane

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In settings you can try to reduce the Sound, Im not EXACTLY sure which sound setting, But you can Experiment Between them.

If you cant seem to fix it, Maybe its time that shoulld be added in... Or get a freeware Sound pack for that aircraft.
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I was thinking it would be great as a global feature, not just for a particular aircraft.

Defo time for it to be added.

Don't know why i hadn't thought of it before, took seeing it in a payware aircraft to think 'Why don't all sims have this!'