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I'm trying to decide which GPU / Processor to get in my flight sim build. I've seen youtube videos of the various configs and the 1080ti seems to be the max for running max settings, anti alias, FPS. However if I could get same performance out of 1070 I really wouldn't mind saving the money lol...

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Hi agefern76,

I am not from Laminar Research or XForcePC; just a flight simmer.

Have a look at the following link from Michael Brown of XForcePC found at  which is part of a series of informative videos found at

As mentioned Michael is from XForcePC.  His business builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  Will build for other systems.  Laminar Research recommends this business (recommendation in the X-Plane manual) as the only suitable supplier of PCs suitable for X-Plane.

Good luck in making a decision.