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Installing X-Plane 11 from the digital download. The installer installs to C:\. It doesn't allow me to change the destination drive / folder. I don't want this on my C: drive as it does  not have sufficient space. I want to install the software to my D:\ Drive as it has 3 terrabytes of storage..

Do you have instructions for changing the destination drive / folder?

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Ian Troup

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Hi Ian,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Is your installation a "complete" package?.  What I mean is, are all of the X-Plane files in the one directory and not mixed into other directories on your "C" drive?

If it is "complete" in the one directory, the process is "extremely simple".  All you need to do is perform a normal windows style "cut" from the "c" drive and "paste" to your new location.  This is one of the benefits of X-Plane whereas other flight sim packages mix files all over the place.

If you have a desktop icon you will need change the properties to the new location or create a new icon.

Good luck with the transfer.


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Thanks for your answer Glenn, much appreciated. So, I tried downloading the digital version to my C:\ drive as suggested (not just by you) however, I got an HTTP Error 404 - File not found & at the end of the process there is no Launch button for X-Plane 11 on the desktop & only 3 folders - Custom scenery, Global scenery & Output.  No Aircraft folder or Plane Maker etc... Something has gone badly wrong.I would say.

I'm going to ask Laminar for a disk set in the hope that this solves my installation problems.
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You don't need to download again.

Just copy and paste from your C drive to a designated directory within your D drive.  When you do make sure you have administrator rights and you have turned off your antivirus software.