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I'm having trouble displaying the cockpit of this C172SP as well as other aircraft. As you can see in the photo above, I'm using 3 monitors but some of the cockpit gets cut-off. What seems to be the issue here?

Thank you for your support!

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Also as you can see, I was not able to take a screenshot from within the x-plane so I had to use a camera instead. This is a brand new system running on windows 10, i7 6700, 32gb RAM, GEForce 1070 video card...

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Please check if your view is set to 2D panel or 3D cockpit. My suspicion is that this is the 2D panel (which is the default setting), and you should be using the 3D cockpit.
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Yes this Cessna 172sp cockpit is 2D. Where do I check if have set it as 3D? Thanks!!!
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In the rendering options window you can change the default to "Forward view with 3d cockpit" near the bottom of the screen. It is also keyboard short cut shift + 9 if you don't want it to be permanent.
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I just checked in the rendering options and the "forward view with panel" is the one that's selected. The one option just below it "...with 3D cockpit" is unselected. However the cockpit view remains the same as in the photo I provided initially. Thanks for your continued support!!!