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I have been downloading the free FAACIFP18 file and the convert424toxplane11 file for a few months now and updating my navdata with no problems in my sim. But ever since I updated to the X-Plane 11.30 Beta updates, my navdata has been making my sim crash. It comes up with something like "X-Plane 11 can't run on half of Jeppesen files and half FAACIFP18 files. I have done everything correctly, and checked multiple X-Plane support forums. Nothing seems to work properly. My temporary fix is to revert back to X-Plane 11.26r2, and then everything works properly again. I think this may be a bug with the new 11.30, so we'll see what Laminar Research decides to do.

Clean install, NO plugins or custom data of anykind

I dont see an insert file button to send my log.txt????.

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