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I have finished upgrading from 11.26 to 11.30 version

But the FMC shows navdata still using previous version 2017xxxxx instead of 2018xxxxx

how to upgrade navdata in order to use 2018xxxxx ?

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Hi budezeddin

I'm just a fellow flight simmer in the UK, but just to say that the navigation data held in your X-Plane folders, is based on something called the AIRAC cycle published every month by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The data is used by the whole aviation industry and flight simmers alike.

Because new AIRAC data is published every month, the information held by the X-Plane simulator (and others) will more or less always be out of date, as its only updated when X-Plane issues a new release. The AIRAC cycle data released with X-Plane 11.30 was updated from the 11.25 version, but even so, it is still out of date compared to the latest data being produced by ICAO.

If you want the very latest AIRAC cycle data to create flight plans etc., then you'll need to sign up with Navigraph (or similar) and pay for continuing updates. This will still not update the X-Plane files however!