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My Xplane is on steam and I do not know how I install the autogate plugin to xplane.

I downloaded the file, then went onto xplane and was not able to find "Resources" like I found on the Xplane manual.

Thank You for helping me.

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Hi kotsusna29,,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer that does not support the steam version.  

Steam is a 3rd party hybrid version of the official X-Plane version from Laminar Research.  Steam will not integrate with the Laminar Research version.

Not having installed steam, from what I have seen and read in this forum it installs differently to the recommended installation method of the official X-Plane version.  From your own research you have found the file structure is different resulting in your current dilemma.

I would suggest you seek assistance from a Steam forum.

Good luck