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About 3 days ago i installed the X-plane 11 Demo, i liked it so much I bought the game from steam.  Then today i installed some different aircraft such as the x737-700 and 777-8x. I thought that you needed to update it through the installer i got with the demo, but when i did that the full game i bought turned into the demo. i let the installer overwrite the full version thinking the new copy would have the aircraft. in the initial loading screen it states that it is the full version but when it fully loads up it makes sure i dont want to buy the full game before  start playing the demo. I am having troubles with my network, but still, is there any way to go back to the previous version before i updated it? thanks this would be greatly appreciated.

i have am on  a windows platform.

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Because you are running Steam you should take your problem to their forums.  This forum is for the "genuine" x-plane buyers.

Generally if you don't create a backup before you update then you can't go backwards

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You are mixing at least three problems; please cohoose one problem per question:

1) updating X-Plane

2) Adding custom aircraft (x737)

3) Licensing

4) Network problems

5) Undoing the update

For 5 it would be nice if yo had a backup to restore.