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I tried X-Plane 11 in Demo (MacOS) mode, and then purchased the full digital version online. First attempts provided me with scenery from airports in my home country. After several attempts to fly provided planes, I quit X-Plane to try another day. When starting the application a second (then third, fourth and so on) time with a new flight, I found the airports I'd used previously with full scenery now had only runways, the odd building, and water. What has caused this, and how can I rectify the situation? MacMini, 2018, 16 Gb RAM. 3,2 GHz i7.
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Where is your home country i ask? It may not be in the default Scenery package in the Installation.
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Country is NZ, the airports being Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, all of which provided full scenery when first used. The scenery files seem to have gone awol completely.

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Did you download any scenery for any other other area or is it all the default X-Plane scenery you are using?
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1. No downloaded scenery, it was there already (initially)

2. I don't know about the X-Plane default factor.

My question remains as to why scenery that was once there in full disappeared in subsequent use of X-Plane.
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My suggestion is to go to the X-Plane installer and uninstall scenery for New Zealand then install it again. I don't know why airports would disappear unless there was some file corruption. If this was the case it might give a hint or say it in the log.txt in the X-Plane root folder but the file is rewritten every time X-Plane is started, so it should be looked at right after shutting down X-Plane. Anyway if the files were corrupted then re installing the scenery should work.
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That did it, thank you. NZ & Australian scenery is restored, although I suspect I'll need to reload other airport locations as well should l I wish to use them.