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Yesterday i bought 16 new Payware Sceneries for X-Plane 11. None of the mate working and i dont know why i tried a lot of things but nothing works. The sceneries wont Even show up in the scenery_packs.ini folder. I hope you Can help me
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Hi adrianwolff

I'm not from Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK but what scenery packs did you purchase and are you running MAC or Windows?

I only ask, as I had a similar problem with some plugins once and later found out that I had inadvertently installed some MAC files instead of the ones for Windows. Files for MAC operating systems have a slightly different file name to the ones in Windows!

Are you able to send a screen print of your Custom Scenery folder/file layout?

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Hello, after reinstalling the sceneries and open xplane as an Administrator it finnaly worked.

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