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I set my kiosk mode password by mistakes, so I can't enter x-plane setting page now.
I reinstalled the X-plane, but still locked in the mode. :(

Please advise on how to disable or reset the kiosk password.

Thanks in advance.

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Eventually I come out of this mode today.

Those who want to know the way please contact me by email.

my email is 1259720975xpp@gmail.com.

Thanks for anyone who helped me.

Today is a happy day. Doesn't it ?


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from what I understand, the kiosk mode is set through a personal password, which you should have kept safe. I do not think Lamina Research can recover it for you. Maybe your best bet is to do a reinstall of X-Plane, that for sure will clear any old settings up and unlock the sim back.
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I've seen questions like this and Laminar said to contact them.

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