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Hello, I bought my new Pc and I want to know if I was able to install and use my x plane licence on two systems, cause I'm already using it on my mac.

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Hi Adam,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

You can install and run a single legal copy of X-Plane on any number of computures as you like.  However you cannot run multiple computers with the software at the same time.

If you have a disc copy, disc 1 has to be in the DVD drive of the PC you are running at all times.  There is no USB dingle as a substitute for disc 1 as was the case with XP10

If you are running a digital download you have to enter the password key and be connected to the internet at all times. My understanding is the software performs a "secret" test to determine if your copy is legal.  To confirm the legality of your software you may be asked at different times to re-enter the password key.

Bottom line, if you run more than one copy at any one time you need legal copies for each version.

My version of X-Plane has been the disc version.  I am not aware of any differences between the Mac version and windows version for a digital download.


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