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Can  X-Plane 11 version 11.30 be downloaded from X-Plane URL to upgrade  my DVD 11 version 11.25  in my computer?   THANKS!

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in order to update your X-Plane 11 copy, just double click on the installer, which also works as an updater. When the installer/updater windows opens, you'll see an option to "Update X Plane 11", click on it, and on the next window, the X-Plane 11 Web Updater, click on the "Continue" button, and if there is an update, it will download it for you. On the same WEB Update page, there is an option to "check for new betas as well as updates", which you may flag, and this will download also any beta update currently available. Mind you, beta updates are new files that are still in testing mode, and may add instability. Generally speaking, if a new update is available (stable version), you will see it when you launch X-Plane, on the main screen, so you do not have to go through the Web Updater to have the latest version. As far as I know, the new 11:30 version is available only as a beta update, the latest stable version should be 11.26r2. To check what version you are currently running, go into Settings, and on the lower left corner you'll see a button named "About X-Plane", click on it and it will tell you what version you are currently running. Hope this helps.