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When i am sitting still and move my head the whole plane moves. I can't turn my head left or right. It is very disorienting and makes the experience unusable. I am a new user, trying the demo. My system is a Core i7-8800K with NVidia GTX 1080 graphics and HTC Vive VR system.
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Do you have TrackIR enabled in the Setting menu?
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TrackIR was not enabled. I am using default settings from the demo. I just enabled it and no change - I cannot turn my head freely, the cockpit just follows my head movement.
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I realize this issue is happening in the flight school. Since I am a new user I was just using the Cessna 172 flight school takeoff to begin. When I started a new flight, rather than the flight school, the headset was tracking properly. What I learned was the VR headset tracking does not work in the flight school on the 172, at least on the takeoff lesson.

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Hi - This sounds like it may be an issue with the SteamVR + Vive config. I would recommend that you check on that!

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