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When taking-off a twin-engine aircratf (Beechcraft or King Air) and using TWCS throttle, the aircraft turns rapidly right immediately after full power making take-off totally impossible. But if I use the throttle of the T.16000M joystick, no such problem occurs. I have also completed a test with TWCS and it shows that is works OK.

I have been in touch with Thrustmaster and they say Thrustmaster is not compatible with xplane11? Is this true? Before buying the HOTAS set I asked you which product is OK for xplane11 and got this reply "we love Thrustmaster".

May I ask you to comment this, thank you.

Kind regards,

Matti Torhonen

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Hi Matti,

If the unit you are trying to connect does it have a USB connection?  Have you tried the advice I gave you in the following link found at

Try connecting the throttle to a USB 1.4 or 2.0 plug on your PC.