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I have a problem when intializing the klast version of X-PLANE 11. After the process end appear a tab that say there is a problem with GLSL and requests me to update my graphics card driver or reinstall de program.

Have done both and the problem continue.

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Hi Santiago Garces

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but your graphics card, which is laptop based and at only 1GB DDR3, is at the very low end of X-Plane 11's requirements.

X-Plane also states that graphics cards should be DirectX 11 capable, but the standard specification for your Quadro FX880M is only capable of DirectX 10.1.

I'm not sure what the other specifications are for your laptop, but as far as the graphics card is concerned, it doesn't appear to be suitable!


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