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Whenever applying reverse thrust during landing, engine one (left engine) goes to maximum thrust and engine two goes to reverse thrust, causing the aircraft to veer left and eventually turn to a dramatic stop. The brakes seem to make no difference also, and the speed brakes won't stay in the fully extended position: it goes down and if not holding down the number 4 key the whole time, then it goes back to the armed position which does not happen in the air, or before takeoff.

I have no faults on in both of the x-plane and plugin's faults. I have made sure of this and there are still no faults after landing.

The shortcuts that I use are both at (which I have also made sure of) hold thrust reverse at max.

I also get the warning (which always appears) low hydraulic qty as well as spoilers inop, which doesn't explain why the spoilers/speed brakes and brakes work perfectly on the ground and in the air (just the speed brakes).
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May i ask if you use Hardware Throttles?

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I do not use any hardware of any kind except for a computer, mouse and keyboard.