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Hello from Atlanta. Just finishing up 767 training. Looks like I'll have some time on my hands when I'm done training. Looking to use XPlane to practice.

How accurate is the Pegasus FMC simulation for the 767-300? I'll be flying both -300s and -200s.

Thanks in advance!

Tim Patrick, Col, USMC (Ret)

[email protected]

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Hi Tim

I'm not from Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK and definitely not a real world pilot!

My experiences so far with X-Plane 11 have been flying the Zibo mod 737-700U, 737-800X, 737-900U and the LES SAAB340A and so far, everything seems pretty realistic to me, including all of the relevant FMC's involved.

I have recently purchased the Flight Factor 767 Professional Extended Upgrade from @ for $92.00. The Boeing 767 does not come as a default aircraft in X-Plane 11, so you have to purchase it separately.

As I'm still learning on this aircraft type in a simulator environment, I'm not sure of the different nuances between the various FMC types in the 767 i.e. Pegasus/PIP, but purely from a point of view of function and accuracy, I'm sure that your experiences will be extremely good ones, given that you will be using a non-professional simulator.

Here's a photo of the FMC's in the FF767 for you to take a view on?

You will see from this, that in the settings page, there is the option of using the 'original' version or the PIP version?


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Thanks much! Helpful.

Looks similar to what I am using in the simulator here in Atlanta with some minor differences. (Our FMC has a VNAV key where the DES key is. And no DIR INTC key.)

Also, look like the engines are different. We don't have the EPR guage on top.