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Since initial install of the game I have not been able to run the game for more than 5 minutes. Lately the most recent Xplane11 version just crashes out when I am on the ground in a C172 adjusting my video settings.

I have tried moving the custom scenery and preferences out of the Xplane folder and it still crashes.

Attached are the most recent log and installer log from my computer.

I have updated all my drivers for the MOBO, graphics card, etc.


installer log

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Hi - Sorry about this! Would you please try updating to X-Plane 11.30 to see if this is still an issue? Thanks!
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Xplane11  version 11.30 added and i was able to run a few flights. However after about an hour during VOR flight training there was another random crash in the middle of flight.

Wondering if it could be the computer system being overtaxed during the flight?

my fps was around 80, cpu 0.0090, gpu 0.0058.


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Hi John,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

What cooling do you have in your Case?  Because you can fly for a period of time before a crash suggests to me that your system may be overheating.  What are your ambient air temperatures?

Good luck in finding a solution.

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To update the community on my issue..I spoke to a representative from Laminar who suggested i upgrade my graphics card from a EVGA 1050ti to a basic 1070 or higher. They also told me that for some reason that users with Ti model  graphics cards in their systems experience more problems than those who do not. To add to my woes it would seem that I also had bad RAM. Got new sticks and upgraded my graphics cards to a Gigabyte 1070 and works like a dream.