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Hi, I have designed a piston airplane with planemaker. Everything works, but I cannot restart the single engine if it has been stopped. The dataref for starter_hit  goes to 1 when a starter command is given (either with a 2D cockpit starter or ctrl-1 keyboard key, but the starter does not turn and the dataref starter_making_torque remains zero. Same problem in XP 10 and XP 11(now XP11.26). Starter Torque in planemaker is set to 0.3. Battery volts drop from 14 to 12 Volts when the button is pressed.

Thanks for helping, Georg

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Found out myself after many hours of trial and error. X-Plane considers a battery dead or non-existent if nominal voltage is 12.0 Volts or below. Enter 12.1 Volts in the planemaker/standard/systems/limits 2 as nominal voltage and everything works just fine and the battery powers the bus even if the generator is off. I'd consider this a bug.